Buena Vista Park

Buena Vista Park    San Francisco, California

Jeffrey Miller created the master plan for Buena Vista Park while employed by the office of Garrett Eckbo Associates. The plan provided for erosion control while adding two and a half miles of new rustic trails for this 40-acre wilderness park in the middle of the San Francisco's Haight Ashbury district. Paths and stairs lead to new view terraces and meeting areas. Hillsides were seeded with native grasses and stabilized using a combination of methods including jute, natural waddle, and wood retention.  

Park planning spanned over a three year period and involved numerous public meetings to assure adequate input and participation. The public design process resulted in a solution that respected the existing user patterns by strengthening and stabilizing the existing pedestrian network.  

The park has undergone a continuous re-vegetation program since the time of the erosion control plans to remove dense and sprawling acacia shrubs and aging Monterey pines and cypress.


Owner: San Francisco Recreation and Park Department