Kezar Triangle - Golden Gate Park

Kezar Triangle at Golden Gate Park    San Francisco, California

Kezar Triangle is an open meadow at the southeast corner of Golden Gate Park adjacent to Kezar Stadium. Separated from the larger park by major artery, Kezar Drive, it is a corner of the park frequented by local residents for informal recreation and as an access corridor to the main park area. Having had no major improvements for decades, the current condition is somewhat degraded with aging trees, limited plantings, eroded edges and informal dirt pathways cutting across the turf. Friends of Kezar Triangle, a non-profit organization funded by the Carla and David Crane Foundation, approached Miller Company to develop a plan to characterize the park fragment, preserve the open-meadow, improve conditions for the informal recreation program, and provide a suitable setting for a temporary installation arts program.  

Through an extensive partnership with the Carla and David Crane Foundation, the SF Recreation and Parks Department, The SF Parks Alliance, the Department of Public Works, Miller Company has facilitated the development of a design. A series of community meetings were held to share design concepts and solicit feedback from the public. The new design includes several entry plazas with kiosks, vastly expanded plantings, a paved pathway system with seating opportunities, designated areas for a rotating art program, and a new automated irrigation system. In order to improve safety and connectivity to the larger Golden Gate Park, Miller Company has also negotiated with the DPW for an additional pedestrian crosswalk and crossing light at Kezar Drive, which will be installed at the time of park construction. Contributing artists Neil Curry (Willow Farm), Cameron Hockenson (Tree Ring sculpture), Sam Bower (Barley Field), and Chuck Oakander (wooden Wave Bench) constitute the first wave of art installations selected by the Carla and David Crane Foundation’s art selection committee.


Client: The Carla and David Crane Foundation
Partners: San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department, San Francisco Parks Alliance, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, and the Department of Public Works
Collaborating Artists: Neil Curry/Willow Farm, Sam Bower, Chuck Oakander