About Miller Company vertical format

Miller Company Landscape Architects offers creative and functional design solutions for every major type of open space development. Established in 1980, Miller Company creates outdoor environments that engage users and support the ecological health of the natural surroundings. Principal Jeffrey Miller is licensed as both a landscape architect and a landscape contractor. Our company is sharply focused on the constructability of our designs. We look for enduring solutions that will enhance the project’s usability and value.  


The company works with a broad range of project types including schools, parks, urban spaces, corporate campuses, multi-family housing, health care providers, non profit service organizations, and private gardens.


We regularly design projects that are focused on landscapes associated with the adaptive reuse of existing buildings for new housing, commercial, and institutional purposes. We often incorporate features mounted on the roofs of buildings designing rooftop terraces and green roof landscapes. Miller Company incorporates rainwater capture in our projects for use as landscape irrigation and is adept at creating landscapes that are designed to highlight storm water as an important visual element. 


Miller Company is widely recognized for our commitment to collaboration in the landscape design process. The company pursues a strategy of active community participation in urban design projects and has worked extensively with neighborhood groups to develop socially engaging environments. We recognize the value and importance of integrating new projects into the existing cultural context.


We address the constraints of climate and environmental conditions as opportunities for innovative landscape design. Our projects have been recognized locally, nationally and internationally for sustainable design, LEED Certification, GreenPoint rating, and awards from the American Society of Landscape Architects, the American Institute of Architects, US Green Building Conference and other organizations.